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Website and e-Commerce SEO services.
Detailed SEO audit of the website.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

This is not just a skill for creating sites (programming) suitable for search engines. It's about making your site better for people.
How to convince Google that exactly our service, activity, product, news, image are most suitable for the user searching for information online and bring us to the first search results. SEO optimization is this science. We study it every day and know how to apply it.

Search engine site optimization includes both technical and creative elements needed to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase search engine awareness. There are many aspects to SEO, from writing text for your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes the process of optimizing a site is simply a matter of good architecture, or rather the site is structured in a way that search engines understand.
SEO site optimization for Google - the process of getting traffic from search engines.

SEO (English: search engine optimization, Website optimization for search engines) is a marketing discipline, aimed at increasing online visibility in search engines, often called "natural", "organic" or "earned" results (in all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo).

They display search results with keywords or phrases on a website, page, and other content, such as videos, images, news, or local ads. The search engine displays the result, ranking (ranking) it based on what it considers most appropriate for users.

Practice shows that an online store or SERP site on the first page receives clicks as follows:
in the first three results - 85%
from fourth to sixth - less than 40%
from seventh to tenth - less than 10%
and in the first place on the second page - 40% :)


To achieve long-term results in SERP (Search Engine Result Page - these are the results that appear after a search on a keyword or keyword phrase in a Google search engine or other search engine), the process is long (fast site optimization equals a quick penalty ) and requires:
Determining the Right SEO Optimization Strategy . Depending on the type of site, different methods and approaches are applied. SEO differs whether it is done for an online store, company website, news site or others.
perseverance. SEO is not a one-time act, search engine results come in a few months and harden over time.
excellent knowledge of keyword site ranking algorithms.
Writing texts for a site (useful content for people and search engines). Unique = first!
constant acquaintance with novelties from the world of SEO optimization.



SEO Audit

Preparing an SEO audit of a website is a process of in-depth analysis on the current state of the code and the functionality of the site. This is the first step before starting the overall optimization of a website.
We use ready-made software and tools as well as manual checks.
The SEO site audit service provides complete, detailed information about the tasks to be set in the SEO site optimization strategy.
SEO site analysis focuses primarily on the current state of the site. The idea is generally to optimize the website itself as a structure, internal links (On-Page optimization) and others.
The overall condition is analyzed and a strategy is prepared according to the type of the site, in which optimization recommendations are given.
Strategy development includes goal setting, technical SEO, On-page optimization, text content, Off-page SEO, internal links.

Keyword Analysis (Organic Research Report)

Provides a list of keywords that can bring the most traffic to the website along with their search volume. It also offers suggestions on how keywords should be used on the site to drive additional traffic.

Analysis of competition (Competitive Analysis Report)

Provides vital information about competitors such as who your main competitors are, which keywords they target, what they do to drive traffic and links. Where did they get links to their website. We also determine the current potential for ranking your competitors in search engines and help create effective keyword phrases.

Technical optimization of the site (Technical Website Optimization)

We try to resolve any issues that we have identified during the audit of the website so that the website works for the customer's business and can convert the relevant traffic into sales or leads. Proper design of an online store or website is a basic prerequisite for good search engine rankings.
Our observations show that "fast" sites, without errors in program code and good UX design (User Experience - user experience or usability) have a huge SEO advantage.

Internal Optimization (On-page optimization)

We modify the title tags, meta tags, content, HTML code, naming conventions, and other factors on the client's website page to make it relevant to search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for targeted keywords. We position / place keywords and phrases to attract additional traffic to the site.

Build Links (Link building)

Add links only from high-quality websites trusted by Google to improve the search engine ranking potential of your website and to rank for targeted keyword phrases. The links to the site should not be at any cost and "per kilogram", but to be real.
Link exchange is a 100% negative practice.

Writing texts optimized (SEO Copywriting)

A well-written site article will give your site a good position in the SERP. Structured correct content and page titles, categories and articles guarantee strong results.

Local SEO (Google My Business)

We populate and edit a Google My Business account to get more than just a business listing. Your free business account lets you easily connect with customers through Google Search and Maps.

Monthly reports (SEO Analysis and Reports)

We constantly monitor the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and send you regular reports on traffic and rankings.

We guarantee that we will perform all the described SEO services and will develop a strategy for site optimization competently and conscientiously, at a high professional level, observing the best standards.

In Intersoft we believe that these principles go hand in hand and this includes the second part of our understanding of the complete online presence - Internet Marketing ( Online Marketing ) - to attract more traffic (visits) Web site and convert visitors into potential customers .
One single goal ... to reach the customer!
The price paid for SEO optimization pays off in the long run and with the promotion of your brand and building trust in your business.

We strive to cover all areas of search engine optimization - from finding terms and phrases (keywords) that generate traffic to your website, making your site a "friend" of search engines, and building links (Link building ) and marketing of your site.

Use social networks - marketing and support! Turn their users into your customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin = €€€

If you are confused about these things, you are not alone and we are here to help you.

The goal of a website is not just to be present on the Internet, but to work for your interests. To achieve them, you need a set of services to be able to attract traffic (visits) to your site and transform it into real customers or business contacts.
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