3D animations

High level of quality, accuracy and realism.
2D and 3D animations at competitive prices.
Be interactive and up to date!

Why do I need 3D animation and a commercial or video?

How often do you fail to explain your concept, visualize your proposals and turn the idea into a profitable reality? We can help!

We offer production of 3D videos and advertising animations. For more than 15 years we have been learning, trying and striving for perfection. And we continue with each new project! We create and develop 3D models, architectural visualizations, 3D architectural animations and 3D architectural presentations.

Everyone at InterSOFT who specializes in art or technology is committed to achieving a high standard of work. We serve the most creative ideas and would do anything to see their realization. These efforts have led to standards of work that are at the highest level in this area.

What 2D and 3D projects do we make?

  • 3D animated videos - for advertising, presentation or training.
  • Animated commercials for social networks - Facebook and Instagram.
  • Motion Graphics - motion graphics for training or advertising.
  • Architectural 3D animations - designed for construction companies, architects and investors.
  • 360 degree VR video - designed for virtual reality
  • Product video for manufacturers and online stores.
  • TV commercial - all our 2D and 3D videos are suitable for broadcast on television.

Steps in making 3D animation

  1. We receive an inquiry for the production of animation, price and deadline
  2. Offer with prices for 3D animation - in order to prepare an offer for 3D animation or visualization you must send an inquiry by e-mail, phone or on site at our offices in Sofia or Varna.
  3. Order contract
  4. Scripting
  5. Development of 3D models and preliminary visualizations for approval
  6. Making 3D animation
  7. Voice recording, editing and processing
  8. Submission of the project and completion of the order.

3D price animation - how do we determine the price for making a commercial?

There are two ways. A price per second is given, but not less than 30 seconds, or a price is set for making 2D and 3D animations per hour. We know how long and in what time we will manage. All this also applies to the price of video advertising.

What additional services do we offer?

  • making exterior 3D visualizations
  • production of interior 3D visualizations
  • create animated GIF images
  • website development and embedding of videos

What do our customers get?

Our 3D animation experts love their work and put all their passion into it until they get a perfect result that will meet your highest expectations!

Why choose InterSOFT?

  • because our team has created over 100 advertising animated 3D projects, which guarantees original ideas, high quality and execution on time.
  • because the company works with the most modern software and hardware according to established world technologies.
  • because our goal is to help you visualize your ideas by creating photorealistic exterior and interior visualizations and 3D animations.
  • because with our services your clients will get acquainted with your projects and your ideas long before they are realized.
  • because at InterSOFT we use the latest software applications, 3D graphics and special video technologies for "cutting" and editing images shot on a "green screen" on a virtual environment (3D image or other live frames).
  • because we work with technologies Camera mapping, Match moving, Steady cam, Green screen - which turns our projects into a unique product not only for Bulgaria but also abroad.
  • because these techniques allow us to work many times faster and allow us not only to pay attention to every detail of the project, but also to work in a very short time.
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