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Year: 2008

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  In giving the job the client has several requirements for the project:• To design a logo and branding design solution for the company• To develop a web site subject to the branding decisions where they can add and edit pages, tours as a major product that can be grouped by category. To offer filtering products by any number of criteria.• Make a preprint of a brochure for participation in exhibitions• Positioning in the major search portals Google, Yahoo• Statistics on attendance• Budget for the complete realization of the project - about 600 € and up to 15 working days The decision, which is offered to the customer is the optimal option for the development of a web site based on the yellow envelope plus logo design and brochure based on the logo and color schemes. Since there are budget constraints is not possible to offer comprehensive branding. The challenge is to resolve cases of realization of direct without being exceeded budget at the same time be proposed quality performance.The project started with a job selling, step one of which is to create a Web version of the logo. It should create a site design based on logo, photo provided by the client and the concept of vision. After approval of the design it adapts to a Web package Yellow and provide the customer. Development of a preprint of a brochure based on the design of a logo and Web site is the last stage. The site is currently online and hosted on servers Intersoft. A marketing campaign to promote using Googe.

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