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Website for Ventsislav Dorelov Ltd."Ventsislav Dorelov" Ltd. with the sole manager and capital owner- Ventsislav Dorelov, is a company from Vaa specializing in property development, investments and property management.Founded in August 1991 the company "Dorelov" is one of the first private companies in Vaa,registered at Vaptsarov 5, 5th Floor, Office 502, 9000 Vaa.The company has trained qualified professionals inthe spheres ofconstruction, sales and property management.Ventsislav Dorelov and the financial director - Milena Kostova have SIPS certificates(Inteational Real Estate Specialist) released in 1996, after being trainedand examined,bythe American Association of Realtors - NAR.In the baseof the construction company aretraining young staffwithhigh-potential to a high level of competence, responsibility and quality and maximum protection of investments in real estate, of the customers,by offering high-quality, competitive products and services.Key elements in the company policy of "Dorelov" in creating and building their own products are:- acquiring strategic land in strategic region;- construction of productsof little supply on the marketwith optimum quality, completed "tukey",at a competitive price without blind submission to market conditions;- Maximum short yetreasonable period of construction.The company is certified to ISO 9001:2000 Construction of luxury solid - build residential, public and trade buildings "to the key" - Germanischer Lloyd."Ventsislav Dorelov" Ltd is registered in the central register of professional builders in Bulgaria.For 22 years the company has built more than 60 sites, from renovation to complete construction "tukey" of new residential buildings and gated communities, includingthe iconicforVaa:"Horizon"restaurantin theSea Garden, Business & Commercial Building "Central Plaza",residence "Petrol" near the palace Evksinograd and others.The company buys and unifiesareas and to date is the owner of over 350 hectares in the most attractive suburban area, 10 km. south of Vaa, which inthecoming years will be built up withresidential and resort complexes."Dorelov" Ltd. offers:- Finished apartments and houses in Vaa and southe suburban areas - village Priseltsi.- Construction of Investors’ projects. Interior design and fuishings.- Consulting services on all aspects of real estate.- Management of real estate, residential and resort gated communities, shopping malls,restaurants, entertainment establishments and more.

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+359 2 412 88 33
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