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Year: 2010
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Website development for ARES GROUP LTD - Security Agency.
ARES GROUP LTD is a private security company, registered in the month of October 2003 with main activity: protection of natural and legal persons and their property, and centralized security of objects and events. The company has unlimited license for security deynnost № 875/01.08.2006g."ARES GROUP LTD offers all services related to protection and security: armed and unarmed physical clock site security, centralized security sites of car patrols, security system (alarm action); personal and VIP security of individuals; protection of public events, sports events and kultuomasovi; collection (tracking valuable items and goods); design, supply, installation and maintenance of all technical security systems - CCTV, alarm systems, access control and detective services and hiring elegant car rental with a personal driver and security guard."ARES GROUP Ltd has all the necessary personal, special and technical conditions for implementation of quality security services. The company offers a variety of options for advanced security solutions and professional service - two factors that stand in the forefront of company policy. The high professional level and continuous quality improvement of services does "ARES GROUP LTD one of the leading physical and technical security."ARES GROUP LTD ensure fair and professional execution of commitments. Trust and recognition he received from its customers is an essential prerequisite for future development of the company and make it a preferred partner for long term cooperation.

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+359 2 412 88 33
45 Al Dyakovich str
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