Web Design for Real Estate Company Varna

Year: 2010
Visit the website: www.dmdproperty.com


Web Design for Real Estate "DMD Property" located in the city of Varna, ordered us website development included development of web design to promote their activities easier and more extensive access to customers, and providing the necessary information selection of properties. In order to achieve these objectives in making web design, we conducted several consultations on site with representatives of the company. We collect the information necessary for us to determine the main directions and goals of the company from Varna. After specifying the aprametrite , including the cost of building a web site, you have come to create the vision of the site. The web design should first propose the necessary information for properties to their clients , and then everything else , so we did well . Time was limited , but this does not affect the quality and the price, which was at the level of the opinion of the representative of the company from the city of Varna, which is then market research firm focused on the "Intersoft". Logo and main elements have shaped in order to focus on the site and started making the overall appearance of the website. The result fully meet the needs of our customers and keep the possibility of future cooperation.

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