Mobile websites
Creating mobile versions of websites and making websites with responsive design.
Why do we need a mobile website? 
According to Google, and according to the share of sales of mobile devices using mobile browsers will surpass the desktop ones used in the coming years. If you think that the production of mobile website can be delayed, then think again and look at Oklo yourself how many of your friends and family using mobile devices! And how many of them are unhappy with the slow loading web sites and the traffic generated by the desktop version of websites?
Advantages of mobile versions of websites, online stores and versions responsive design
Consumers use their smartphones and tablets for everything - information, news, entertainment, shopping, finding a place to rest and many applications. Which one of you is more than three meters from your mobile phone or tablet? Online visitors to your website looking for quick access to your business. They are looking for a telephone number, contact form, hours, prices, and information about your business coupons. Mobile sites reach all audiences, no matter what smartphone or tablet use. Every smartphone has a browser - so users can instantly find you online. Web sites designed for desktop / laptop does not work well on mobile devices. A mobile websites make finding answers to questions quickly, easily and friendly. Business web site with a mobile version and a standard Web site enjoy an advantage over companies that do not have a mobile website. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and directories give preference to such sites than competitive ones earning in search results.

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