Creating website for National Park Rila

Year: 2013
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Creating website for National Park Rila. The National Park’s administration provides the following administrative services, according to the list of the unified names of the administrative services:Giving a license for wood obtaining of the local population.Giving a license for wood transporting.Giving a license for pasture.Giving a license for mushrooms picking.Giving a license for haymaking.Giving a license for using medicinal plants for economic purposes.Giving a license (pass) for motor vehicles traveling and stopping outside the regulated roads.Giving a license to wall the surrounding territories near existing buildings and equipment.Giving legal opinion on fuish information about the location of an object towards Park’s boundaries.Giving information, according the Law for the access to public information.The administrative services’ procedure, the necessary standards and forms can be downloaded at the Register of the administrative structure and Executive Authorities’ acts – Regulatory Regimes – Leaders of the State Institutions, created by the law – Director of the National Park’s Administration – Blagoevgrad, Rila.
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