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Year: 2011

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Protic IL Ltd. is a company specialized in design, consulting and project management programs funded by the European Union.From 2008 until now the company has successfully developed its business by meeting the highest requirements set by the National Strategic Reference Framework for the period 2007-2013, the current priority of protic IL Ltd. is a program for rural development for the period 2007 - 2013 (RDP), in connection with which the company achieved significant success in the field of investment consulting and design.The main strategic goal of protic IL Ltd. is effectively a continuation of activities under the RDP and successful integration and development as a designer, builder and consultant in new economic strategy "Europe 2020", the goal is growth based on knowledge, sustainability and inclusion, the main Its objectives are to increase employment of the population, investments in scientific - research and development, reducing emissions and energy consumption, increasing the educational level of the population and reduce the number of poor people, but the main priorities - new sources of new growth, achieving a sustainable society and "greening" of the economy more competitive.The main target groups of customers protic IL Ltd. are persons applying for funding under the programs financed by the European Union and signed contracts for funding such programs.On the website of the company can visit to get acquainted with all the completed projects, and all certificates of kopaniyata.Ueb company site offers visitors the latest news related to the company.
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131 А Vitosha Blvd
+359 2 412 88 33
45 Al Dyakovich str
+359 52 733 233

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